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Malaysian's Bersih 3.0, the good, the bad, you decide

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In this post, the writer wishes to write about recent public protest and demonstration in Malaysia. The writer is not siding with any Malaysian political parties, nor have any intention to interfere with the way Malaysia is governed. This is just writer’s personal view on the demonstration and some suggestion on how this issue might be solved.

The good side:
On 28th April 2012, Malaysia once again observed the famous BERSIH demonstration a.k.a BERSIH 3.0 428. BERSIH is a peaceful protest event created by a non-government organization. BERSIH is a malay word which literally means “clean”. It is widely known or labeled as BERSIH 3.0. The number “3.0” denotes that this is the 3rd demonstration. Surprisingly, BERSIH has wide popularity and is well-known by Malaysians from all over the world. BERSIH main objective is to demand for clean and fair election.

Bersih poster in below link:

It is touching to see how people can put aside their differences (age, race, believes, etc, and not forgetting geographical location) stood up together for one common cause. The numbers of local participants is not one, not tenth, not hundreds… but thousands, tenth thousands, or more from gross estimate. This figure does not include participants from the rest of the world. See it yourself from the video link below:

Source: TheStarOnline SwitchUp.Tv

The bad side:
Although the cause is noble, “to have a fair and clean election”…. in reality, writer can’t help but have a personal opinion feel that something is wrong. Some are really true to the cause, but unfortunately, from writer point of view, majority participants, mostly teenagers and students does not know what they are really doing… writer can’t help but have some doubts. What is in their heads when these doubtful participants joined the event?

Refer to below video link: Is this supposed to be a carnival with festive mood?

One bad example, unfortunately, involves writer’s own sister.  She is one of the few people who attended the demo because she is bored and feels that it is fun to be there… friends, the crowd, the marching, the cheer, etc. It’s the same with fellow colleagues from workplace who insisted to go to the rally with a painted face, with balloons, custom-made cap, etc. Well, you can see loads more from the internet comments about what to wear, what to bring, etc from the web search. This is so just wrong and deviates from the true cause.

Worst of all, in this demo, (in fact in any demo), nobody can guarantee your safety. A peaceful gathering will only remain peaceful if people are peaceful. In large scale rally, the possibility and uncertainty of mishaps is large. The video below in YouTube shows that police car ramming (track 0:34) the Bersih 3.0 protesters which writer finds shocking.

Writer could not verify the video. Writer really hopes that the authority can investigate the truth. It’s an unfortunate tragedy to the protesters affected. Is it worth to be injured/die for the rally? Is life not worthy for other cause? Will the organizer take full responsibility on all injuries and mishaps happened to protesters? Can the organizer guarantee your safety? Can the organizer guarantee that crowd won’t get carried away and rowdy? Can the organizer guarantee that the objective will be fulfilled?

What alternative way?
Writer do not believe in the notion that louder voice and violence can help people get what they demand. Violence only begets more violence. Loud voice begets louder voice or silence. Either way, you gain nothing.

Much can be learn from Japanese crisis management and the way they solve problems. Why can’t Bersih leaders and government leaders adopt the same? Both party fights for people. Instead of fighting each other, why don’t both worked together?

BERSIH leaders could have offer solutions to Malaysia Election Committee instead of just protest, demand and critic. On the other hand, the government leaders should see the accusation by Bersih as an opportunity and challenge for improvement. Accept it as a challenge for improvement.

The list below is just a suggestion. Writer is not an expert. Just an honest suggestion on how this thing should be handled instead of protest and rally.

Objective: Fair and clean election.
11)  Define the issue/election flaws… I believed both Bersih and government is well verse on it. Both knows the complete process flow.
12)  Measure, verify the findings with the claims… Bersih claimed to have many evidence. Should have the data.
33)  Analyze: Identify the exact process flaw… with Bersih evidences, both temporary and permanent solution check are designable.
44)  Design a permanent/effective check mechanism… (if you don’t believe humans, use computer verification system! Malaysia Inland Revenue did it, so can the election committee!)
15) Implement: Have a schedule and plan to develop and implement the solution both temporary and permanent.
16) Check: Monitor and always get feedback for continuous improvement. (again, you can make use of database and computerized statistical data)

      Again, this list is just writer's own opinion. Writer could be over-simplifying or even wrong, but hey, at least the writer provides input.

In any case, writer is just a writer with his own personal opinion. Different people have different opinion. Whichever path one wishes to take comes from own decision and responsibility. When you choose to attend BERSIH or any rally, please think twice and assess your safety. Enough said on people who suffer because of leaders objectives.

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